When is it time to ask for help?

Feeling overwhelmed?  Sometimes it is a challenge to know when to ask for help, rather then trying to ”brave it out”.  Here are some indicators that you might need more support than you currently have available.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are not sure where to begin.


Self Survey


This is a very simple self survey but it forces us to recognize issues that require our attention.  Bereavement can be a relentless battle and, sometimes, it is just too overwhelming.  This can lead to a number of problems which can become insidious.  Ask yourself some serious questions about certain decisions you may have made, and why:

  1.   Do you often skip meals, just because you don’t feel hungry or are not interested in preparing a meal?
  2.   Do you often drink alcohol alone, or do you prefer to drink alcohol alone?
  3.   Do you use narcotics to deal with emotional pain?
  4.   Do you often spend days at a time without seeing anyone, or speaking to anyone on the telephone?
  5.   Do you often feel that your life has no purpose?
  6.   Do you prefer to stay at home rather than go for a walk, visit a friend, or engage in a hobby?
  7.   Do you find that you become irritated, angry or suspicious very easily?
  8.   Do you feel abandoned and/or lost?
  9.   Do you feel as though you are a burden on those around you?
  10.   Do you find that your sleep patterns are erratic?
  11.   Have you lost interest in activities that used to give you pleasure?
  12.   Do you have suicidal thoughts?

If you answer predominantly yes to the above questions, it is time to reach out to a professional.  If you answered ”yes” to Question 12, you should contact a health professional immediately.  If you have already done so, and still feel you need some additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We’re here to help you.