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In conjunction with our Brain Health Page, we also wish to recommend this brief selection of TED* Talks which provide comfort, inspiration and motivation.  So, why not sit back with a cuppa and enjoy…



Loneliness can be lethal, according to John Cacioppo. 


I think the majority of widows are more than aware of this dark place, that no one ever wants to revisit.  Many of us have had periods where we woke up feeling like this; every morning.  However, there is more to loneliness than just feeling abandoned and alone.  After decades of research, Cacioppo tells us of the consequences of remaining isolated and of pretending that we are okay; just not to burden those around us. The conclusion is clear… connect with others, share your story (with those who are empathic) and you will find your way into the light.



Read more of Dr. Cacioppo’s research here:





Guy Winch explains why the importance of our emotional health is often underestimated… and even neglected. 


This TED talk illucidates everything s a young widow should beware of during her healing process.  Beware of what you are telling yourself, beware of ignoring loneliness, beware of thinking you should just ”get on with it”.   Emotional hygiene is the key to surviving bereavement.  Guy provides some useful advice in how to ensure this is not neglected.




Dan Gilbert hardly needs any introduction…


… his bestseller ”Stumbling on Happiness” was a joy to behold and sometimes a real life saver.

There is more to this talk than just the importance of happiness in our lifes but the insights shared could be just the inspiration you need, when challenges seem insurmountable.



Diana Nyad is a powerhouse of a woman…


… but there are three little words that will stay with you from this talk, words that can make all the difference; ”find a way”.  Indeed, find a way… there’s always a way, and if something is bubbling in the background of you psyche, you know what it is, and if you are afraid to explore it, have a listen to what she has to say.



Robert Waldinger & Life’s Burning Questions


Robert Waldinger of Harvard tells us about an extraordinary study which revealed, what many may consider, a very ordinary answer to one of life’s burning questions.




Perhaps the relentless pursuit of authenticity might not be entirely in our interest?


Dorothy Grandia is a faculty member at the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO), Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.  She helps MBA students improve their communication style. For widows on the road to recovery, this is a very intriguing talk.



Shawn Achor shares his discoveries…

about how a new perspective and some simple daily habits can bring about lasting change for the better…




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