Financial Information

Financial Information The Netherlands


Sociale Verzekeringsbank – Widow’s Pension

SVB – If your partner has died


BIBUD – Widow’s Pension

Nibud – Nabestaandenpensioen


Recruitment Agency



Free Online Courses

Cursus Overzicht


Education Support for over 50’s

Actie Plan 50 Plus


Dutch Tax Office

Belastingdienst – Erven-Vrijstelling

Belastingdienst – Vermogen en aanmerkelijk belang

Belastingdienst – Heffingsvrij vermogen

Belastingdienst – Inkomsten uit vermogen vanaf 2017


Old age pension before 31.12.15?

Increase of the “Heffingsvrij Vermogen”

Belastingdienst – Verhoging heffingsvrij vermogen ouderen tot en met 2015


Investing with tax benefits – Go Green

Belastingdienst – Groene Beleggingen


Do you have a small business and wish to start a new or additional one outside The Netherlands?

With this handy calculator, you will know withing 5 minutes if you qualify for financial support by the Rijksoverheid. This scan is intended for existing entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business or those who may wish to set up a business in the country of their birth.

Regelhulp Financering Internationaal Ondernemen


Financial Support for those with insufficient income (only applies to those studying the Dutch language)

Bijstand Aanvragen

For further information over Bijstand, contact 1400 between 08.00 en 20.00.  Outside The Netherlands contact +31 77 4656 767.




Financial Information Ireland


Widow’s Pension in Ireland

Department of Social Protection – Bereavement Support

Citizen’s Advice on Income and Taxation

Financial Guidance and Support after Bereavement

Criteria for Contributory Widow’s Pension

Criteria for Non Contributory Widow’s Pension

Application Form for Widow’s Pension


My Welfare IE



Financial Information France







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