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Brain health… let’s be honest, we do not give this a great deal of thought, until something goes wrong.  Many widows will be familiar with ”widow brain” and the horrendous challenge it is/was, just to get through the day.  Few who have not experienced this can really appreciate how debilitating reduced cognitive function can be, even for basic human activities.

Well, there is good news – great news, in fact – even those of us who are genetically predisposed to having a cognitive malfunction, like Alzheimer’s, can do a great deal to stave off cognitive decline as we grow older.  Yep, you heard correctly… it’s not quite all in your head.

Hello Brain is a collaborative project between the TCD Institute of Neuroscience’s NEIL Project,  creative agency Red Dog, film production company 360 and AGE Platform Europe, and an excellent source of information including the most recent scientific research with those who want to protect their brain health.  The world needs more projects like this… educating and empowering patients is the way of the future.  Good to know that our brain health can be influenced by taking some very simple steps.  (See also our TED Page for more information on this important issue)

Here are Hello Brain’s top tips: (with direct links to the site)


Professor Sabina Brennan’s partner project, FreeDem Films also provide a vareity of videos which address this very important aspect of health care.  Check out their other films by clicking on the title.



What can you do to keep your brain healthy?

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