Online Learning & Self Help

Online education, provided by our network, will soon be available in financial capability, health management and inheritance related legal issues.  A selection of sampler videos will be publicly published in due course and full course material, including pdfs, will be available to registered members.


Other highly recommended FREE online learning sites are listed below:

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Khan Academy

Open Learn

Future Learn

Open Education Europa


BBC Online Languages






Open Learn UK Starting Law

Daily Mayo – Free Writing Courses

The School of Life – Online Education in Emotional Intelligence

Highly Recommended, Diverse Price Range

The School of Life

The School of Life also provides online training and, although not available for free, it could well be a very worthwhile investment for the future.   Founded in 2008 by, among others, philosopher Alain de Bouton, the aim is to cultivate emotional intelligence through culture.  It is also possible to study with The School of Life in person, so do check out their website in the hyperlink above for more details.

We also recommend a wide variety of quality short cartoons/videos from The School of Life on You Tube, which are entertaining, informative and sometimes downright hiliarious.  Enjoy!