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KNB Notary Telephone 0900 346 9393  (Cost 80 cents per minute)

Affordable Inheritance Lawyer 035 697 0000  (Specialist consultation €2.00  per minute; minimum charge €30)  

Free Legal Advice in English:  Landelijk Netwerk Gratis Inloopspreekuur Advocaten (English Version)

Information about Inheritance Law in The Netherlands

Find an expert in Inheritance Legislation

Find a Notary

Calculate Tax on Inheritances

European Guide for Notaries outside The Netherlands

Checklist – What to do after Bereavement

Are you receiving an inheritance?

Video re Inheritances

Central Register

Inheritance Information – Erfwijzer


Inheritance with a will

Het Juridisch Loket –  Vererving volgens Testament

Erfwijzer – Vererving volgens Testamenten


Inheritance without a will

Het Juridisch Loket – Erven Zonder Testament

Erfwijzer – Erven Zonder Testament


Widows and Widowers

Erfwijzer – Partner Wettelijke Verdeling

Erfwijzer – Internationale Vererving Buitenland



Legal Information Ireland


Legal Information following Bereavement

Inheritance Tax

Tax Exemptions and Benefits for Widows




Legal Information France


Find a Notary

Free Legal Aid Criteria

Free Legal Aid Information for French Citizens

Free Legal Aid Information for non French Citizens

You may be entitled to Free legal aid (aide juridictionnelle) if your income is below €915 per month. Some assistance is available for those with an income between €916 – €1,372 per month.  This increases by €165 for each of two additionals in your household (partners/child) and €104 for each other individual in the household.

For more information, contact your local Mairies and Maisons de Justice et du Droit.

Mairies de France

Maisons de Justice et du Droit per Region

Ministry of Justice

Access to free lessons in French



Legal Information UK

Citizen’s Advice re Bereavement



Legal Information USA

American Bar Association



Legal Information Australia

Justice Connect Australia



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