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Heart disease, stroke and associated conditions are the most prevalent causes of death among women in Europe. Nevertheless, symptoms can often be misinterpreted and the opportunity for timely intervention can therefore be missed.  How can women address this problem?  By being aware of the warning signs and making sure to know their coronary artery calcium score (see below).

Heart disease is a progressive illness and is aggravated by senescence, with plaque and calcification on the arterial walls accumulating with advanced age. The majority of those who suffer cardiac arrest, do so as a result of this becoming loose, causing a blood clot in the arterial wall.


CAC Scan

The coronary artery calcification scan can give an accurate assessment of heart health.  The scan, which provides the coronary calcification score, is a very effective way of determining risk of cardiac arrest.

Research assessing 840,000 cardiac arrests in the UK, revealed that 70% were without forewarning of heart disease (British Medical Journal).  Although risk can be exacerbated by age, smoking, cholesterol and blood pressure, sometimes cardiac arrest strikes without any warning signs being revealed in standard tests.  This is where the CAC scan can be an accurate predictor of potential risk in those who do not present the usual symptoms of heart disease.



Test Locations

The calcification test is currently only available in eight healthcare centres in Ireland:


Blackrock Clinic, Blackrock – Tel: 01-283 2222 – Cost €320.00

Mater Private Hospital, Eccles Street – Radiology Dept. Tel: 01-885 8888 – Cost €250.00.

CT Calcification Scoring Scan procedure code: 6222. Covered by G.M.A.

UPMC Beacon Hospital, Beacon Court, Bracken Rd. Sandyford Industrial Estate – Tel: 01-293 6600 – Cost €360.00.

CT Calcification Scoring Scan is covered by; GloHealth and G.M.A.

Hermitage Clinic, Old Lucan Road – Radiology Dept.Tel: 01 645 9024. Cost – €320.00



Affidea, Ballymore Eustace Road – Radiology Dept Tel: 045 881124. Cost €225.00

The CT Calcification Scoring Scan is fully covered in this centre by the following; G.M.A. & Laya



Mater Private, City Gate, Mahon – Radiology Dept. Tel: 021-6013256 – Cost €200.00



Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe – Radiology Dept. Tel: 090-964 8220. Cost €190.00



Wexford General Hospital – Radiology Dept. Tel: 053-915300 – Cost €200.00


N.B. The calcification test is available on a GP referral basis.


With sincere thanks to Irish Heart Disease Awareness and David Bobbett.


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If you need a 2nd opinion. or suspect you may be at risk of heart disease, contact the polyclinic at 024-3619350.


The Women’s Heart Clinic

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If you need a 2nd opinion. or suspect you may be at risk of heart disease, contact the polyclinic at 088-500 2000.


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